Migration from v2.0.x to v3.0.x

This migration guide helps upgrading a Unity SDK v2.0.x to a 3.x.x version. This isn’t an exhaustive guide, as there are different difficulties and combinations of difficulties depending on each project. This is more a guide help get in the right direction.

The change log and the FAQ are also useful resources.

Questions can still be asked a dev-support@asmodee.net.

If you are starting a project from scratch, follow the Getting Started guide instead.

Clean up

Remove these folders before re-importing:

  • \Assets\AsmodeeNet
  • \Assets\Plugins\AsmodeeNet
  • \Assets\Samples

TextMesh Pro

Since TextMesh Pro became free, it stopped being distributed as source code to be distributed as a .dll file instead. This new version breaks the GUID of ALL previous components. Unfortunately, it’s also impossible to have both versions of TextMesh Pro next to each other in the same project.

So if you have already integrated the source code version of TMP in your project, you will have to replace all your old texts UI elements by the new ones. There is no automatic solution to solve this, as old and new elements have a lot of divergent parameters, fonts must be re-rendered, etc.


Best HTTP must be updaded to the latest version, especially to fix an bug that prevented requests to survive asynchronous scene transitions (which is default in the CoreApplication SceneTransitionManager).


The CoroutineManager and its derivative classes have been removed. Replace all instances of:



using AsmodeeNet.Foundation;

// ...


More info on CoreApplication in the CoreApplication reference.

Cross Promotion

Replace the old CrossPromo prefab by the new one. This implies to re-bind functions like ShowMoreGamesPopup on More Games buttons.


The RestAPI class is no more, you can now call endpoints from new classes implementing them. Check How to use the REST API and the list of endpoints for more info.