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Single Sign-On
Buddy List
“Online Features”
Cross Promotion
Turn-by-turn Server
Bot Hotswap
Player Clock
Game Lobby

See also the change log.

Upgrading from an a 5.1 version ? Check the migration guide.

Upgrading from an older version ? Check our migration guides list.

Compatibility with Unity?

  • The SDK 5.2.0 was packaged using Unity 2019.4.15f1 LTS

.NET 4.6

Since version 4.0.0, the SDK requires .NET 4.6 (check your Player Settings).



The Unity SDK is built on top of other third party packages, that we are not allowed to re-distribute. Since the SDK code won’t be able to compile without these packages, here are the necessary info to download them.

Remember to check for each package that you have a version that is the same as the specification here, or higher.

Package Version Price
Amplitude commit: fedefbf Free
Unity.IO.Compression 1.0.0 Free
Facepunch.Steamworks (Steam only) 0.7 Free
Protobuf 3.6.1 Free
Text Mesh Pro essential resources See below Free

You have to install TMP essential resources also. This can be do via “Window/TextMeshPro/Import TMP essential resouces”.


Since **TextMesh Pro** became free, it stopped being distributed as source code. The new version breaks the GUID of previous components, and it’s impossible to add in the same project the .dll and the source code version.

So if you have already integrated the paid version of TMP in your project, you will have to update all your texts UI elements.


The use of the Unity SDK is governed by the Apache License 2.0.