How do we update our version number?

Since we debuted the Asmodee.net Unity SDK, we received a lot of feedback and requests from people making games with it. We realised that there were unclear things, missing things… and even broken things. In order to make the SDK better, we had to undergo a huge clean-up of the code base. But this meant making the old SDK incompatible with this new one.

This already happened between previous versions, but blog posts are not enough to keep track of which version breaks compatibility and which doesn’t. So, starting with 2.0.0, we aimed at being compliant with Semantic Versioning. Go check the manifest, it’s interesting.

This is why we are increasing the MAJOR version number even though there is no new functionality in the plugin: it’s now incompatible with previous releases of our SDK. But rest assured that we fixed a few things along the way too!

So from now on, expect MAJOR versions to break compatibility, MINOR versions to add content in a compatible way, and PATCH versions to fix things in a compatible way.

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