Getting Started

1. Download the SDK:

Go to the downloads page and get the package

2. Install the unitypackage

Inside the downloaded zip file, see the AsmodeeDigital_v5.2.0.unitypackage.

Double-click the package file to import it in the Unity project that is currently open.

3. Install third party packages

At this point, you should see your Unity Editor console fill with errors. Don’t panic, this is normal. The Unity SDK is built on top of other third party packages, that we are not allowed to re-distribute.

Go to the dependencies page to check the list of packages.

Download and import them.

4. Standalone player settings

In order to keep connections to the Scalable Server alive on desktop releases of your app, your must make sure that the Unity player runs in the background

  1. Open the menu Edit > Project Settings > Player
  2. In the inspector, section Resolution and Presentation:
  3. Check Run In Background

5. Use the CoreApplication

In every scene using either the REST API, the Cross Promotion or the Scalable Server, there should be an object with the CoreApplication component. This is a singleton that will eventually manage every aspect of the SDK.

Go to the reference page for more information.

6. Go read the platform’s documentation

The platform is a complex system, with different moving parts. Understanding them will help you understand the SDK as well.

Go read the platform’s Documentation.

7. You are ready!

If you landed here from the Migration Guide, go there to resume it!