Scalable Server Log


This debug panel relies on:



  • Enable Scalable Server Log: Specify if the Scalable Server Log should appear within the debug panel.
  • Scalable Server Log Size: Specify the maximum number of log messages to keep.
  • Show Scalable Server Log On Error: Specify if the Scalable Server Log should automatically appear if an error request is logged.


  • Log: Display the list of the latest requests. The client/server requests are displayed as a chat.
  • Select a line to reveal the main parameters of the request.
  • CLEAR: Delete all log data and clean all the lines displayed on screen.
  • Verbose: Filter the displayed content according to severity. A severity has been affected to each request type (recurrent automatic requets have a low severity).
  • EXPORT TO FILE: Export the log as a text file. (Only on desktop)
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