Push Notification

We provide an easy to use push notification support via our Scalable Server system which allows to be notified when it’s the player’s turn or when the player receives an invitation.


Prerequisites for Android

  • Create an entry for your game in Firebase console (see step by step)
  • Communicate your senderId and key to your Asmodee contact for Asmodee.net administrator
  • Follow Firebase instructions for installing Firebase SDK (only the Android part) - We recommand to use the package manager version
  • Add the compilation symbol ‘FIREBASE’ to your unity project

Prerequisites for iOS

  • Be sure that your application is hosted by the Asmodee Apple Account and not yours

How to

  • From the Unity package manager, install latest Mobile Notifications package
  • Go to Unity Project Settings, section Mobile Notifications Settings

Android tab

  • Check use custom android activity option, and add com.google.firebase.MessagingUnityPlayerActivity
  • Add 2 icons named small_icon and larger_icon which will be used as notification icon

iOS tab

  • Check Request Authorization on App Launch``and ``Enable Push Notification
  • Check Enable release environment for APS if you plan to use release environment

You can choose between speak with Apple push server release or sandbox with the precompile definition PUSHNOTIFICATIONSANDBOX

With those steps, your application can now speak to our backend.

The SDK provides a configuration file to set the translation keys needed for push notifications texts. This file called PushNotificationManagerData (DO NOT RENAME IT) needs to be in an Editor folder and can be created via menu Assets/Create/Asmodee.net/Create/PushNoificationManagerData

Keys translations come from our localization tool and will be added to native code after compilation.

If you need to have a custom Android Manifest, make sure to uncheck UpdateAndroidManifest in your PushNotificationManagerData asset but be sure tu add our service to your manifest. You can find our android manifest template in file UpdateValuePushNotificationAndroidPluginBuildProcessor.cs

For more technical details, see the Scalable Server documentation.


From your game, when you receive a push notification, a ScalableServerNotification notification will be send via the notification center so if you listen to this event since the app start you will be notified.


You can pass to sandbox mode with the compilation symbol PUSHNOTIFICATIONSANDBOX and Enable release environment for APS set to off