List of Available Endpoints

See also the How to use the REST API article.

Endpoint API Documentation
GameAchievementGetByIDEndpoint Game - Achievement: Get by ID
GameAchievementGetByTagEndpoint Game - Achievement: Get by tag
GameAchievementGetListEndpoint Game - Achievement: Get list
GameAvatarGetListEndpoint Game - Avatar: Get list for current/global
GameAvatarGetFiltersListEndpoint Game - Avatar: Get localized filters list
GameGameGetListEndpoint ‘Game - Game: Get list <>`_
GameRanksFetchEndpoint Game - Ranks: Fetch
GameLeaderboardGetLeaderboardForGameEndpoint Game - Leaderboard: Request a given game
UserAwardAddEndpoint user - Award: Add
UserAwardGetListEndpoint user - Award: Get list
UserAwardRemoveEndpoint user - Award: Remove
UserBuddiesAddEndpoint user - Buddies: Add
UserBuddiesGetCollectionEndpoint user - Buddies: Get collection of my buddies
UserBuddiesGetListEndpoint user - Buddies: Get
UserBuddiesRemoveEndpoint user - Buddies: Remove
UserRankFetchEndpoint user - Rank: Fetch
UserGameDataGetEndpoint user - GameData: Get
UserGameDataRemoveEndpoint user - GameData: Remove
UserGameDataSetEndpoint user - GameData: Set
UserIgnoreAddEndpoint user - Ignore: Add
UserIgnoreRemoveEndpoint user - Ignore: Remove
UserIgnoreGetListEndpoint user - Ignore: Get
UserLeaderboardGetRankScoreEndpoint user - Leaderboard: Get rank/scores
UserLeaderboardPublishScoreInAllPeriodEndpoint user - Leaderboard: publish score in all period
UserLeaderboardPublicScoreForOnePeriodEndpoint user - Leaderboard: publish score one period
UserOnlineFeatureAddRemoveFeaturesEndpoint user - OnlineFeature: Add/Remove multiple
UserOnlineFeatureGiveEndpoint user - OnlineFeature: Give
UserOnlineGameGetHistorySummariesEndpoint user - OnlineGame: history summaries
UserOnlineGameGetRecentGamesEndpoint user - OnlineGame: recent games
UserOnlineGameGetUserGameArchivesEndpoint user - OnlineGame: All games archives
UserOnlineGameGetRecentOpponentsEndpoint user - OnlineGame: Recent opponents
UserSearchByEmailEndpoint user - Search: Search by email
UserSearchByPartnerEndpoint user - Search: By partner
UserSearchByIdEndpoint user - Search: By ids
UserSearchByLoginNameEndpoint user - Search: By Login name
UserSubscriptionsEditSubscriptionsEndpoint user - Subscriptions: Edit subscriptions list
UserSubscriptionsUnsubscribeEndpoint user - Subscriptions: Edit subscriptions list
UserSubscriptionsGetListEndpoint user - Subscriptions: Get the user’s current subscriptions
UserUserGetUserDetailsEndpoint user - User: Details
UserUserUpdateDetailsEndpoint user - User: Update details
UserEmailNewsletterUpdateEmailEndpoint user - Email and newsletter: Update
UserEmailNewsletterUpdateSubscriptionEndpoint user - Email and newsletter: Update
UserEmailNewsletterUpdateEndpoint user - Email and newsletter: Update
UserPartnerLinkUnlinkPartnersEndpoint user - Partner: Link/Unlink multiple
UserUserSignUpEndpoint user - User: Sign up
UserPasswordResetPasswordEndpoint user - Password: Reset
ShowcaseProductGetBannerEndpoint Showcase - Product: V3 request a banner
ShowcaseProductGetGameEndpoint Showcase - Product: V3 request games
ShowcaseProductGetInterstitialEndpoint Showcase - Product: V3 request insterstitial
ShowcaseShowcaseGetLastChangeEndpoint Showcase - Showcase: Get date time of last change for products