Content: User Account

User Account is displayed as a tab.

  • It displays data related to the user account,
  • The user can be redirected to their online profile,
  • The user can reset its password,
  • The user can log out.


You can choose if the panel offers a close button.

public bool shouldDisplayCloseButton;
public event Action UserAccountDidClose;

You are warned if the user logs out

public event Action UserDidLogOut;

Duality with the Login Banner

The User Account is meant to be used as a counterpart of the Login Banner.

Typical scenario:

  • Start the game with the Login Banner,
  • When the user is logged in and clicks the banner, remove the Login Banner and show the User Account with the close button,
  • When the user clicks on the close button, remove the User Account and show the Login Banner.


Display Mode Default skin Custom version
Regular _images/useraccount_1.jpg _images/useraccount_3.jpg
Small _images/useraccount_2.jpg _images/useraccount_4.jpg