Content: Players Lists

Players Lists are displayed as a tab.

Players Lists are available after having entered the Lobby.

It displays the following lists:

  • Lobby players,
  • Buddies,
  • Ignored players

You can also search players in database.

When selecting a player, detailed information are displayed. It is also possible to add or remove a player from the buddies list or ignored players list.

Pick a Player

You can use the displayed lists to select specific players in your game workflow (example: for sending an invitation).

IPlayerListPicker playerListPicker = ...;
PlayersListsContent playersListsContent = ...;

PlayerListModule buddyListModule = playersListsContent.Controller?.GetModuleWithName(PlayerListModuleBuddyList.kModuleName);
if (buddyListModule != null)
        buddyListModule.PlayerListPicker = playerListPicker;


Display Mode Default skin
Regular _images/playerslists_1.jpg
Small _images/playerslists_2.jpg